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Three Phase Ac Motors / TEFC Slipring Type

Three Phase Ac Motors
Technical Data
• Voltage (V) : 415V+/-10%, 3 Ph AC,
• Factor of inertia : 2
• Freq (Hz) : 50 Hz+/-5% • Cyclic Duration : 25, 40, 60, 100
• Insulation : F • Mounting : IM1001, 1002, 1003 & 1004
• Starts/Hour : 6/150/300 • Rating (Wound motor) : 1.5-240 kW
• 0 Ambient : 0-45°C • Frame (Wound Motor) : 112 - 400
• IP/IC : 55/411  
• Over Speed :2.5 times rated speed or 2000rpm whichever is less for 6 and 8 poles

• Terminal :
• box position : on top for Wound rotor motors

General Description
These series of metallurgical and crane 3-phase motor YZR, with wound rotor are specially used to drive metallurgical crane and other similar machines with better over load capability and mechanical strength. Therefore, it is suitable for short time duty or intermittent preiodic duty and equipments with frequent starting and braking or distinct vitration and impact.
The standard range of power output and mounting dimensions comply with the recommended standard of lEC 72. The relation between range of power output and mounting dimensions are similar to Japanese standard JEMI202 and West Germany standard DlN42681. so that most of them can be interchanged.
The motor can work well when the altitude does not exceed 1000 meter.
There are two classes of Insulation, F and H. CIass F is applicable to suit to temperature where coolant air does not 0 exceed 40°c under normal condition. Class H is suitable for metallurgical sites when ambient temperature do not exceed 0 60°C. Both motors have same data.
The motors possess a better enclosure, degree of protection IP 44 for normal site condition and IP 54 for metallurgical condition.
The series YZR are 3- phase Induction metallur-gical and crane mo t o r with wound rotors comply with the standard JB/ T10105-1999.
Motor's rated voltage and frequency is 415, 50 HZ. The operation of Intermittent Periodic Duty Type is suitable to these motors and its can be divided into below ways according to varied load characteristic:
Short Time Duty (S2). Operation is under constant load in fixed time and the motor is resting or deenergizing when the heat balance is not reached In a period of time the motor is cooled and the temperature difference between motor and medium is limited within 2K.
Intermittent Periodic Duty (S3) : To run according to a series of identical cycles, the running time under coustant load and the time of rest deenergized are included by period of one cycle, but the time is shorter and does not make motor to a heat balance condition. The starting current should be not to affect the temperature rise obviously.
Intermittent Periodic Duty with starting (S4) : The run according to a series of identical cycle, each cycle is formed by a starting time, a constant - load' s time & a rest or deenergized time But the time is short without condition making motor to a heat balance.
Intermittent Periodic Duty with starting and Electric Braking (S5) : It runs according to a series of identical cycle, there are starting time, contant -load' s time, electric quick-braking time and a rest or de-energized time In each cycle. But the motor can not reach the condition of heat balance in such short time .
When you 'choose motor, various conditions of starting and braking have to be converted into a equivalent data of starts hour according to equivalent heat then the motor quota is determined by the equivalent data.
When the point start speed is end, the speed does not exceed 25% of rated speed i. e. four times equal ones of starting.
Ones electric' braking ( To brake to one third of rated speed) is equal to 80% start.
The duty type S3-40% is basic duty, the motor technical data is in the Table 3. The motors in the Table 4- 1 and 4 - 2 give the data of delivery condition on the name Plate only under basic duty. If you need a duty type out of S2 to S5 the consultation with manufacturer must be needed.
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